User role can’t be set


I don’t know, but it seems that the new WordPress version (6.0.2) overrides the role variable in the wp_insert_user function. Before it worked properly, but now the value defined by default in the wordpress dashboard takes precedence over the wp_insert_user function.
Here is the code that worked properly before. Depending on the page where the user was at the time of registration, his role is defined.

if (is_page('register')) {
} elseif (is_page('become-agent')) {
$user_infos = [
    'user_login'        => $user_login,
    'user_pass'         => $user_pass,
    'user_email'        => $user_email,
    'user_registered'    => date('Y-m-d H:i:s'),
    'role'            => $user_role
$new_user_id = wp_insert_user($user_infos);

But unfortunately there is only the default predefined role in the wordpress dashboard that is assigned. I need the role assigned to the registration.
But despite this, I tried to modify the role of the user just after registration with wp_insert_user, and the action hooks user_register, add_user_role and set_user_role; None of them works

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