User avatar sync between two WordPress installation


I installed two WordPress and Two separate installations, not a multisite one! Also made the as the media and uploads domain where all uploads are saved.

I’ve managed to sync the user data by using the blog installation to use the main site’s user table thanks to this solution.

Also, I’ve managed to share login session cookies between two installations. So, whenever a user registers on the main site, s/he may log in to the blog, and all user data is automatically synced and updated between two installations of WordPress. I am also using ARMember as the registration and membership process. But since ARmember uses the default user meta that caused no problems. Perfect so far!

However, I couldn’t manage to sync the avatars. I’m trying various ways, disabling gravatar, making use of local avatar plugins, etc. I cannot manage to sync the avatars of the users registered on the main site to appear on the blog site.

What might be the problem and solution to this? I couldn’t figure out where the avatar information of users is stored and mapped in the database?

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