Use Permanent Redirect 301 To make Internal linking


I’m Planing to make a Silo Structure in my website.
Website is not just a blog and i have a shop and maybe some services pages .

Example Structure :

  • Base Page : /wordpress/
  • Blog Category : /category/wordpress/
  • Post : /blog/something-about-wordpress
  • Product-Category : /product-category/wordpress
  • Product: /product/wordpress-beginner-course

I want to link all the post and products to The base Page to make a permanent virtual Silo Structure ( not physical silo ), without any third party plugin or Snippet .

I have two options :

Option 1 :

I can Redirect all the category links on my post and product pages directly to The Base Silo Page ( for example links in Breadcrumbs ).
This is a permanent Redirect and i don’t want to change this in the future .

Option 2:

Make all categories No-index and replace category link in posts and products with Base Page Link with custom code in theme .

I prefer Option 1
So i want the experts tell me am i doing something wrong ?
doesn’t this redirects make SEO problems or is it ok ?
Is Google consider my redirects as a Permanent Structure ?

Or is Option 2 better ?

Description :
I know i can do this with some plugins like Yoast or Custom permalink plugins or Snippets but i prefer to not make myself trouble with this plugins and custom codes .

Thanks in advance

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