Use multiple values between the ” tags of WordPress plugin [closed]


there is this great plugins called “Dropdown Content” from the author Metaloha.
Its makes it possible to use shortcodes and show content based of user selection of a dropdown menu.

Now I want to use 2 dropdowns and the combination of the selection should show te right content.
Since it was not a feature as described on the plugin page I had tried it myself to seperate the values with a comma. But for some reason I gues that I’m doing something wrong.

[dropdown name="controlName" class="customClassName"]
[dropdown-option value="opt1"]Rotterdam[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value="opt2"]Den Haag[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value="opt3"]Spanje[/dropdown-option]

[dropdown name="controlNameTwo" class="customClassNameTwo"]
[dropdown-option value="opt1"]Amsterdam[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value="opt2"]Eindhoven[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value="opt3"]Tokio[/dropdown-option]

[dropdown-content name="controlName,controlNameTwo" value="opt1"]Dit is dan 1[/dropdown-content]

[dropdown-content name=”controlName,controlNameTwo” value=”opt1″]Dit is dan 1[/dropdown-content]

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