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It’s not easy to describe for me, but I’ll try with examples – I don’t really know if its possible, but here is my idea or wish 💡

I having two custom taxonomies:

  • topic (like: tv, beamers, soundbars)
  • brand (like: samsung, lg, bose)

I already have working archive pages for topics /topic/tv, /topic/beamers and brands /lg, /samsung etc.

What I want to create now is an archive page for brands inside topics like: /topic/[topic-term]/[brand-term]

I tried with some template names but no luck. So I’m left with:
Is there a template-structur for this?
Is it possible without (even more) rewrite rules (that I already have)?
Is WordPress capable of this?

Any hints would be highly appreciated 🤸‍♀️ Thank you!

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