url rewriting – Custom archive URL as a subfolder of the custom post type slug


I have a Custom Post Type called Whatever.

The slug for this CPT is whatever.

By default, I can access the posts archive in the frontend at /whatever and each post at /whatever/post-slug

But I would like to have a landing page for this section, which should be accessed at /whatever.

This would collide with the archive, and hence, I want to move the archive to be accessed at /whatever/results.

Briefing up:

I need to have a structure as follows:

/whatever (normal page with a slug set to whatever)
/whatever/results (archive for the whatever custom post type)
/whatever/post-slug (single post inside the whatever custom post type)

When registering the CPT, I can pass as an arg:

'rewrite' => ['slug' => 'whatever', 'with_front' => true],

But here, I need to have a subfolder, and doing:

'rewrite' => ['slug' => 'whatever/result', 'with_front' => true],

Doesn’t work.

Alvaro Franz 1 week 2022-11-23T07:23:25-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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