url rewriting – Can these URLs be indexed?


I set up a rewrite rule that redirects anything after /team/{anything} back to the /team/ page. So essentially you can write whatever you want, like /team/person, and it will redirect to the team page, but maintain that URL.

On this page, there are modals for each of the team members. If you navigate to a specific team member’s URL, it will open the team page, and open their modal. If you then close their modal, it will remove their name from the URL with replace.pushState and update the page title. This will continue to be updated as you navigate around, clicking on different modals.

So my question is, how will google handle this situation? Technically they’re all serving the same page, and the URLs aren’t listed anywhere on the site. You can navigate to them directly by typing in the URL, but pushState isn’t actually reloading the page, so the URL changes when navigating the /team page is really just an aesthetic thing to keep the page titles/URLs consistent. You never actually navigate away from the main team page

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