Upgrading to PHP7 breaks wordpress theme


I have a wordpress based ecommerce (woocommerce) website which is causing trouble with PHP 7.x.x

Regarding website is “https://silkroad-pharmacy.to”

So the website used to be worked fine on PHP 5.6 but after upgrading to PHP 7, My theme gets broke in a way that Theme Options are totally unresponsive at the backend of wordpress (Clicking on any theme option tab just doesn’t work, every tab under theme options is unclickable e.g. General Settings, Header Settings etc).
And if i enable PHP Error reporting, i can see PHP warning at backend Theme Options page. Below is the error/warning.

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/silkroa2/public_html/wp-content/themes/barberry/framework/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 3073

And here is what line 3073 looks like

$subsections = ( isset ( $sections[ ( $k + 1 ) ] ) && isset ( $sections[ ( $k + 1 ) ]['subsection'] ) && $sections[ ( $k + 1 ) ]['subsection'] == true ) ? true : false;

A couple of other problems can be seen at frontend as below;
1- Cart icon in header/navigation menu is supposed to expand showing options to view cart or checkout when hovering the mouse or clicking it, but it is just unresponsive as hovering or clicking doesn’t do anything.
2- On FAQs page, each question was clickable to expand and show the answer but clicking on question is not expanding.

I am guessing that both frontend and backend problems are relevant as both issues appeared after upgrading the PHP.

I am not a coder but can copy paste the coding lines with some help. Any kind of help would be really appreciated. If it is an issue which needs to modify multiple files, i am willing to hire an expert if it won’t cost much.

Backend Theme options: https://filebin.net/aibeax4dwnqdkhcr/Screenshot_15.jpg?t=3xgyhngn

Warning line 3073: https://filebin.net/aibeax4dwnqdkhcr/Screenshot_16.jpg?t=3xgyhngn

Cart/Shopping bag icon: https://filebin.net/aibeax4dwnqdkhcr/Screenshot_17.jpg?t=3xgyhngn

FAQs page: https://filebin.net/aibeax4dwnqdkhcr/Screenshot_18.jpg?t=3xgyhngn

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