Updating over 1000 posts per day (cache issue)


I’m updating every day over 1000 posts in my website and every time post is updated it pops up to the front page and the assigned categories/tags.
Currently i’m using w3 total cache (free) version, every time I update a single post it is re-caching the whole page, so that means it caches the home page, categories, tags over 1000 times per day which is not what i want.
I would like to have a cache method that updates the page per specific time when the user enters the page. For example:

Let’s say I want to set the page to be updated per 3 hours (only when the user enters the specific page).

  1. User 1 enters (Page 1) at time (13:00) -> page is being cached.
  2. User 2 enters (Page 1) at time (14:00) -> shows him the cached page.
  3. User 3 enters (Page 1) at time (19:00) -> page is being re-cached.

Hope that makes sense. Which plugin will be best for what I’m looking for? The other issue is that i have near 1 milion pages, so automatic caching for all pages is not an option.

V.Rashkov 4 years 2019-10-22T03:16:47-05:00 0 Answers 63 views 0

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