updates – WordPress PHP version/info not being picked from cPanel PHP Version values


Within my WordPress dashboard, I am receiving the error that my PHP version needs to be updated to v7.4 as it currently shows v5.6.40.

The thing is, I have actually gone into the cPanel for this website and updated the PHP version to 7.4, as well as some other option values.

From what I can see, it doesn’t seem to be picking up any of these changes at all, from WordPress as when looking at Tools > Site Health > Info > Server, none of the values line up with cPanel PHP version changes.

I am running WordPress 5.8.3 but would really appreciate your help as to where WordPress is picking up this info in Site Health as it’s certainly not retrieving the info from cPanel.

Is there anyway of forcing WordPress to use v7.4 within .htaccess file?

FYI, I also have the following line at the bottom of my .htaccess file:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php56___lsphp .php .php5 .phtml

Do I need this line and could this be where this 5.6.40 version is being picked up from?

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