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I have been searching for a way to better manage dates on a WordPress website. I work at a college whose website is on WordPress. One issue we continuously run into is out of dates for reoccurring events. For instance, there is the start and end of registration, start and end of semester, any given holiday, this list goes on and on. Each of those dates change at some interval. My programmer brain thinks there must be away to set a reference to a particular reoccurring dates in page text, hypothetically it might look something like this.

The first day of semester: <?=START_OF_CURRENT_SEMESTER_SHORT/?>.
The semester began on <?=START_OF_CURRENT_SEMESTER_LONG/?>.

and those values would be set somewhere which might look like this:

$START_OF_SEMESTER_LONG = 'August 24, 2021'

Output would be displayed like this

The first day of semester: 07/24/2021.
The semester began on August 24, 2021.

Is there built-in way to accomplish something in line with my hypothetical example? Are there other plugins that might help with this type of concern?

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