Update media file url in wordpress media library


Currently my videos are hosted within my wp installation. I want to move all videos to my new server.

Currently, my media url are as follows

I am moving all videos to my central media server which will have this new url

My site will continue to be hosted where it is right now. I will only move media files.

I was hoping Velvet Blues Update URLs will be up for the job but it does not find any url to update on my website.

Probably because I am using JW player on my site and JW player post video using shortcode and ID only on the post area.

[jwplayer mediaid="13441"]

No URL on the post. Maybe this is the reason why velvet blue is not picking up the URLS to update.

Having said that, is there a way to update all media urls in wordpress install from the media library as if it was added as external url?

Which database entries holds the media URL? I am guessing my last resort will be to run find and replace on my database.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



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