Update, add, remove plugins, themes or wordpress behind load balancer


I am running wordpress on two identical servers.
Both sit behind a load balancer.
Both use the same database.

How am I supposed to do things like update a plugin or wordpress?

My current thought is to:

  1. Disconnect one of the servers from the LB – So I know which one I’m working with.
  2. Perform necessary change (eg: update plugin) via dashboard.
  3. Copy necessary directory from the active server (eg: plugins/some_plugin) and replace that file on the inactive server. (Since changes were already made to the DB, I don’t want to use the Dashboard to update the other server).

Is this the way to update/remove/add plugins/wordpress?

I thought this would be a common way to set up wordpress, but I didn’t find much documentation about it. Is there a preferred set up?


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