Unusual Apache2 Error Causing WordPress Redirect Error?


I have the following error in my apache2 error log(Ubuntu 18.04, local LAMP dev environment), that I believe is causing a The page isn’t redirecting properly error:

[:error] [pid ] avahi_entry_group_add_service_strlst("localhost") failed: Invalid host name

I have been searching online for a few hours, but have not found anyway to resolve this error.

The contents of my /etc/hosts file is as follows:   localhost   localhost.example.org   *.localhost.example.org   someothername.org   www.someothername.org   blog.localhost.example.org   seminar.localhost.example.org

#The line below is for shared folder access. DP Edit.   machinename.local

To ensure that the error is NOT being caused by wordpress, I have tried the following:

  1. disabled all plugins = redirecting error still present NOTE: no new htaccess was generated by wp
  2. used db query to update siteurl value to match localhost UPDATE wp_options SET option_value='https://localhost.example.org' WHERE option_name='siteurl' = redirecting error still present
  3. updated wp-config to reflect define(‘WP_HOME’,’https://localhost.example.org’);
  4. I also tried creating a simplified htaccess file according to these instructions = redirection error still present

Any ideas?

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