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I would like to get help on protecting wp-cron against hackers.

Set up: Lightsail Bitnami Apache server, headless WordPress CMS, frontend is on AWS Amplify.

My wp-admin folder is protected with htpasswd, but my wp-cron can be accessed by hackers. If I protect the whole cms from the root, which is possible since the frontend is on Amplify, the wp-cron won’t work. Alternatively I added some important cron tasks into crontab, but Wordfence has tons of cron job which I don’t feel like I should copied them over to crontab. It’s very important for Wordfence to be run in the backround to protect my cms.

Is there any solution?


David Simon 1 year 2023-03-02T04:56:23-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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