Unable to add “code” button to TinyMCE toolbar


This is driving me crazy. Using code from the WP codex, I can add SOME buttons to the TinyMCE bar, but NOT others. For example this code:

function my_mce_buttons_2($buttons) {   
     * Add in a core button that's disabled by default
    $buttons[] = 'sup';
    $buttons[] = 'code';     
    $buttons[] = 'hr';
    $buttons[] = 'fullscreen';

    return $buttons;
add_filter('mce_buttons_2', 'my_mce_buttons_2');

WILL add the hr and fullscreen buttons to the editor, but WILL NOT add the code nor superscript button to the editor. What gives?!

Any ideas? I am using WP 3.9.1


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Unable to add "code" button to TinyMCE toolbar</a>
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