Try to debug a plug-in written by someone else


My goal is to display my blog page’s featured image. I came across a plug-in by Pieter Goosen, who doesn’t seem to be currently active here, that does exactly what I want.

I followed instructions and was able to activate the plug-in but I don’t see the expected result, which is the blog page featured image displayed in the right sidebar. I’m not a coder, but I can follow instructions so ELI5, as they say.

I an trying to make the following plug-in work on WordPress 5.3.2:

Blog Page Featured Image

Is there something I need to modify in this code? If so, what and how?


Update: I just discovered it works! This is a great workaround for those looking to get an image onto the blog page and only the blog page.

, Lars Hoel 4 years 2020-03-23T16:52:58-05:00 0 Answers 121 views 0

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