thumbnails – How can I change the behavior of cropping in medias section of admin?


I have a problem : in my admin section, I changed the size of the thumbnails to 800×600 because I need it.

Now, when I try to crop an image (only the thumbnail) in the media section, it wont crop it if the crop’s size is smaller than 800×600..

A simple solution would be for the user to upload the same image, crop it to his needs and I would display this image in the gallery instead. But it’s definitly not user friendly so I would like to change the behavior of the cropping system in admin ! (By the way I am making my own theme).

I tried using this filter : How to scale up featured post thumbnail? ! But it wont work… Can you help me pls ? (Sorry in advance for my bad english, I’m french 🙂 )

Roi Porci 2 years 2021-05-02T06:40:50-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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