themes – where is functions.php or template files for Hello Elementor?


New job, really struggling with Elementor …

I’ve created a custom report on several sites with no issue (uploaded a php file to the theme’s template directory and created a page from the template) – these sites were using Elementor Pro and twentytwentytwo or twentytwentyone theme.

But I can’t create this report on one site no matter what I try. I kind of figured out that Elementor is going to force me to use a shortcode, but I need to find the functions file to do that!

The difference seems to be Hello Elementor.

WP > Appearance > Themes only shows two themes: Hello Elementor Child (Active) and Hello Elementor.

On the server, I see /wp-content/themes/ contains four themes but nothing about Elementor or Hello Elementor.

Forgive my ignorance, but prior to this job I’d never touched Elementor and it is SOOO different.

ANY insight greatly appreciated!

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