themes – What’s the best way to go from a design to a customized WordPress site?


So, I’ve put a lot of work into a simple, clean one page design. It’s nothing fancy, text, images, some google fonts, colors, nothing complicated going from mobile to desktop (just sizing changes), most text is centered. I’m really happy with the design but I’m pulling my hair out trying to customize WordPress.

I definitely don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription (e.g. seedprod) since this is a simple static site that won’t change much in the next year and then will probably just sit there for years unchanged.

I want to keep it free for the friend/client I am building it for.


Should I be using something other than the Twenty-twenty-two default theme?

Is there a process I should be using to edit the CSS. I find everything to be scattered and hard to preview . Would it be possible to do the design in Webflow and then use the css from there in a WordPress instance?

Should I just give up on WordPress and tell my friend that I’m doing it in HTML and CSS and if they want WordPress to hire a developer to customize Twenty-twenty-two or another theme?

Here’s the design:

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