themes – How to extract a .wp-env.json or composer.json containing plugin versions from a production website?


When having to migrate and/or start working on a client’s website it’s rare to have the original project on hand containing configuration files. Most of the times the website either was shipped with the custom theme and plugins already bundled and added or just built on the server using plugins from the store.

I’m having trouble replicating the same environment on my machine so I can start working with it. The problem isn’t with the custom plugins or theme as there are only a few and probably aren’t published anyway, the problem is with all the other plugins that are also installed and may or may not interact with the theme or other plugins.

Is there a concise, usual way of extracting theme and plugin versions into a config file such as .wp-env.json or composer.json without having direct access to the database?

zoltankundi 5 months 2022-07-07T23:40:25-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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