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In WordPress, tags are applied to our posts. When I view a post, at the bottom are the associated tags. If I click one of the tags, I am taken to a view that shows all posts with that tag.

The view that is displayed shows each post’s entire contents in long, narrow, unflattering columns and oversized fonts. I want to customize the layout of this.

We use the Undsgn Uncode theme, and I’m not sure if it is a part of the theme, or a common setting/feature somewhere in WordPress. Sorry, I’m a WordPress newb and do not know where to find options that control this particular view.

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    The functionality was found in archive.php which is part of the Uncode Theme we are using.

    The view with posts filtered by tags is called a posts archive and Uncode provides options to change the layout of various “archives” in the theme options. It involved creating a new content block with the desired layout and then changing the theme options to use the new content block for the “Posts Archive.”

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