theme development – Please Urgently Need Help If Somebody Know How To Add this Functionality


The functionality of the ‘customer lounge’ its a Button

Customer Lounge will only be accessible by users that have bought a package with us.

They will be able to navigate a dashboard where they will be able to do the following:


Upload Excel/CSV Files,
which we will then be able to download and work on (on every upload, there should also be an option to add a ‘note to agent’)
View Excel/CSV Files that we have uploaded
View and download invoices that we have uploaded
Raise Support Tickets

User profiles will only be able to be created by WordPress Admin; the profile can be viewed but not edited by customers:

Customer Name
Customer Package
Customer Account Manager Details (who is looking after their account)
Date Joined

There should also be a function where an email is automatically sent out to every customer that has not loaded something for a specified number of days, they will be able to specify this in their dashboard; for example, if a customer has specified that they want a ‘reminder email’ every seven days, then if they have not uploaded an excel spreadsheet on day 7 of every week, then they need to be auto notified.

We also need to be emailed when something has been uploaded onto the system, where an email comes to a dedicated inbox

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