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I am currently doing some testing of themes using a test theme and a staging site URL

I am trying to find a way to make the feature image show as the first sidebar object ” Just above the social icons here

I have found a few intructions aroud about creating a plugin to do this. However, creating the plugin and following those intructions did not work. The plugin did not show. (never tried creating a plugin before)

I was hoping someone could show me how to acheive what I am trying to do. The theme options dont allow me to place the featured image in this location. It would also need to be sized correctly. Just a small box foir the featured image here.

I can’t get any help from the theme dev because I am used a nulled theme (only to make sure I can acheive exactly what I want before I buy it)

Matts Cloud 5 months 2022-07-22T21:48:57-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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