Theme causing WordPress dashboard display error


I have a problem where the WordPress dashboard for my site is not displaying very well for me;
WordPress Dashboard

This occurred when updating my WordPress version and I eventually tracked the cause down to the theme the site is using; when the theme is disabled everything works fine, but otherwise, this is how the dashboard looks.

I updated WordPress from 5.5.1-en_US to 5.5.3-en_AU, and have tried re-installing a couple of times (which did not fix this).
I have also tried clearly cookies+cache, accessing the dashboard in a different browser, and disabling the plugins, none of these worked.

What is interesting about this is that our staging site also has this exact same theme, WordPress version, and plugins (all being updated), and does not suffer from any such error. Even when copying the directories & files over from the staging site to the live one (replacing the live site files with the ones of the working staging site), the error persists.

There are no errors in the console, just these warnings (which the working staging site also experiences);
console log

The website itself, and the theme being used, work completely fine – it’s just this error when going to the dashboard.

Any help or ideas on this would be very much appreciated, thank you!!

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