the content – Nested ShortCode works inside the_content, but not outside of it


I’ve spent all weekend trying to crack a problem that so far eludes me.
On a multisite implementation, I’m using a simple homegrown plugin to include textbits that are the same across subsites (such as staffers’ bio bits e.g.).

While this plugin has no problems to resolve nested calls of itself inside the_content, it falls on is face outside the_content, specifically in those author boxes that are either appended after the_content on single posts, or prepended before the_loop on author archives by the theme we’re using.

I’m attaching a little screenshot to illustrate that it’s working inside but failing outside the content: the upper portion shows the include inside the include to work as expected, the highlighted section in the author box below where it fails.

, hoping someone might be able to point me towards what I’m obviously missing.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you may able to provide. Cheers –

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