text – I’ve been trying for an hour to remove the underline from links; I don’t understand why something that should be so simple is so difficult


I don’t want links to be underlined. It’s that simple.

If you search google for this problem there’s a ton of people asking how to do the same thing, going back more than a decade. So clearly this is an issue that many people have encountered; that must mean there’s a simple solution right? A checkbox somewhere? An “underline links: true/false” option? Nope. No biggie, surely there’s a plugin to do this? Nope.

Great, so now I have to mess with CSS/html, whatever. I’ve tried every variation of “text-decoration:none;” I could find. Pasted it everywhere there was to paste it. Pasted it in the style.css. Went through all of the theme’s code making sure there wasn’t anything doing this. Nothing. Did the same with borders, boxes, and outlines. Nothing. Even when I edit the block itself in html, it says right there “{text-decoration:none;}”. Still there. Nothing should be making the underlines but they’re still there. Tried different browsers, still there.

This is my first experience with making a webpage, and WordPress, and this has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. Unless I’m missing something obvious, I cannot understand how something so simple can be such a headache. I cannot understand how after more than a decade of people having the same problem, that there has been no attempt to address it. And I can’t understand how there a dozen different solutions offered and none of them work.

So please, will someone finally tell me what I need to do to remove underlines from links before I punch a hole in my wall?

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