template include – Why does get_post() return the latest post inside template_include before doing anything


Assume all the code below is in a theme’s function.php

If I add get_post() at the top, It’d get null, which is totally expected since I’m not in the loop, or nothing has been done.

But I add

add_filter('template_include', 'call_get_post'));

function call_get_posT(){

Then I’ll get the info for the latest post.

I tried this in a fresh install of WP locally so I’d assume this is expected behavior, but I don’t understand it. I’m not in the loop, and I haven’t called anything to start a query, why would get_post() return the first post? Same result if I use global $post.

Can someone explain what’s going on here?

Obed Parlapiano 2 years 2022-08-11T11:52:58-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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