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I’m just trying to create something very custom, and I have not found any tutorials that have done this. I have created a custom post type and taxonomy. The custom post type is named Housing and the taxonomy is Energy Property.

I can create multiples of the taxonomy from the dashboard. Examples of Energy Property are High, Low, Geometric, I want to limit the number of taxonomies to some predefined list.

I noticed that after creating the taxonomy, it creates selectable checkboxes on the sidebar where I can select any of the taxonomies to add when creating a new Work. This is where it gets a bit complex. Instead of the checkboxes, I’d like it to add all the created taxonomies into a dropdown. When I select any of the taxonomies, it should display a form with input fields.

I’ll agree it’s a bit complex, and I wish someone could point to a tutorial where I could get this done.

This is what is created now

Selectable checkboxes for energy property

I want it to be a dropdown list

enter image description here

When a selection is made it should display a form like this. An example is when High is selected from the dropdown. This is what should be saved hwn creating a new Housing.

enter image description here

I’ll really appreciate every support.

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