taxonomy change to post/page type


I bought a coupon theme.
On my previous homepage, I used a plugin called "RATE MY POST" to "manipulate" the number of reviews.

However, there are two problems with using this plugin on the new theme.

  1. I put the plugin in the sidebar with a shortcode, so when a review is made, it is recognized as a review of the coupon at the top, not a review of the store page.
    I think it’s because the store page of this theme is made with archive or taxonomy recognition, not regular post type.
    Is there any solution?

  2. This is a similar problem to the first one. If you look at the demo of this theme, the star review plugin is built-in. However, I don’t want to use it because I can’t ‘manipulate’ it and the rich snippet gives me wrong information.
    Is it possible to make the store page a post type?

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