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In the Edit Menus page, you can select an internal page to link, or an external page.

I am building a giant single page where the hyperlinks target internal page headings, for example I have one of my menu elements set to #one that targets <a name="one"></a>on my homepage.

This is all ok whilst the user is on the giant single page. However I will have the last link to the blog. When on the blog I want the user still to be able to click these hyperlinks in the navigation.

I need a way of programming into the menu the following:

internal page id=x #one

If that makes sense? The link has to go to the giant single page and target the section.

In pure html this is what I am looking for:

<a href="">

The most obvious answer is for me to program these absolute links in, but I’d rather not do this. Is there a way to combine the internal links in the menu with section names?

I have full control of the theme and I can program, so please present to me any solution.

, Joseph 6 years 0 Answers 66 views 0

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