Tags not importing when using WordPress import system


I am attempting to move all content from an existing WP installation, to a fresh installation.

I export all content, using the Tools > Export feature.

When I attempt to import into the new installation, I get the error Failed to import post tag.

It would seem none of the tags can be imported. I have no idea why, and haven’t managed to find info about this online.

Here is a sample of the tag entries in the XML file:

    <wp:tag_name><![CDATA[Address Book]]></wp:tag_name>
    <wp:tag_name><![CDATA[Alternative Apps]]></wp:tag_name>

It all looks find to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I discovered the tags had in fact imported (well, just two unused tags were missing on the receiving site… perhaps because they were unused the export/import ignored them?). Otherwise, all tags and categories imported, despite the error message suggesting the tags failed.

I also discovered all featured images were missing (no reference to them in the Posts table, or incorrect references — I forget which, but think it was the prior).

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