Syncing Avatars across multisite


There’s gotta be a way. I have tried a bunch of different multisite sync plugins and they sync users and roles just fine (even paid for plugins to do so)….but avatars don’t sync.

My registration form handles the image upload just fine — and assigns it to the user (but only on the one site the registration came from) — and shows blank/no image/avatar on the rest.

I’ve nearly been pulling my hair out on this and while I don’t have a lot of money, if this was a need to pay a little for some help, I’d be willing….

I really want to sync avatars across sites in a multisite – even if it’s moving the upload directory for avatars in some way….or even if it links to where they were originally uploaded (the site it uploaded on) – or….. copies them to each site….I don’t care how it does it, as long as it does it….

Thank you so much.

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