Super slow plugin page (lots of error 500)


Since a few days, After I migrated my wordpress site from a host to another, my plugins page is super slow !

When I click to see all plugins, or to install a plugin, I get one time out of two a error 500. It clears when I refresh a second time the page.

I disabled all plugins, and it goes away for a few minutes, then comeback ! It seems to always comeback after some time of smooth / normal operation. So the behaviour is very inconsistent.

I suspect the migration to have cause some cause of probleme, as the old site didnt have a SSL certificate and the new one has. To fix the mixed content I’ve updated links in DB and installed a plugin to fixe the mixed content (SSL Insecure content).

The thing is that I cant seem to find the exact cause or to solve the issue.
Does anyone encountered this issue or have any tips for me ?

Thanks in advance !

, Elliot 9 months 2020-06-15T03:10:56-05:00 0 Answers 70 views 0

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