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We are creating a wordpress based site having regions and clubs.

  1. We have five regions and having eight to ten clubs in every region.

  2. Each of the region and clubs have certain number of attributes for example a club is having.

  3. Each of clubs/regions have certain number of attributes like:

  4. President:

  5. Membership Chair:

  6. Per Capita Chair:

  7. Treasurer:

  8. Bulletin Chair:

  9. Secretary:

  10. Email address

  11. Address

  12. City

  13. State

  14. Zip code and more

  15. There are fields for the regions also and each of regions is connected to clubs.

  16. Each of the club is managed by club managers and region is managed by region managers.

  17. Club manager can login and a custom form is to be shown to him where he can enter the information and same is for the region

7. The attributes in club input form and region input form will automatically set in visual composer template and will be displayed in

front end.
8. The fields which are left blank in the regiopn input form and club input form will not be displayed in front end.
9. Site is managed using Advance Access Manager plugin having memberships.


  1. We would like to know the best approach to implement this a custom post type or something else.
  2. How would be club entry form will be implemented so that no post/page editor is displayed and only the form is displayed for each of

the club.
3. How can we setup the user entered data in data entry form into the visual composer template.
4. Overall we would like to maintain it also so what would be the best maintainable approach of doing this.

Thanks in Advance

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