static page with buton that opens collect email form


I am PHP programmer, but I am not familiar with WP yet (I do understand some basic things).

I have static page and I have to place a DOWNLOAD button on this page. Click on this button will allow user to download some document. But before user is allowed to download anything, div.popup appears where user is asked to fill in and submit email address.

I have about 5 buttons on page with different download files. All should act the same (ask email before download is allowed).

Can you, please, guide me how to properly achieve this in WP:
1) how to properly add such kind of button on static page on wp-admin part
Can I add something like this in wp-admin page editor?
Or shoudl I create some short_code thet will create this?

2) how to create div.popup with form before user is allowed to download
I can create invisible div on the page and add some jquery when button is pressed. But how to submit this form? Maybe I can use ajax to send email and allow download.
But what is the best opetion – where to place this code?

I can do this on pure PHP page, but I do not understand this in WP.

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