srcset attribute in Gutenberg gallery blocks


Gallery block are very useful to layout thumbnails. However, when I choose a columns layout (for example, four columns layout), the srcset for this thumbnail remains the same as a large image.

In other words, with a four columns layout, the thumbnails srcset come with:

sizes="(max-width: 768px) 100vw, 768px"

So, all thumbnails are built with the large images. For example, in this page:

Is it possible to get something like this?:

sizes="(max-width: 768px) 100vw, 200px"

Further more, is it possible to set srcset up regarding the number of columns in the gallery block layout?

aitor 4 years 2020-03-24T16:51:24-05:00 0 Answers 119 views 0

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