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Hello hope you all are having a good day.i am developing a premium wordpress blog theme for themeforest and i just wanted to ask a general question about social shares buttons that appear on a single blog pages. i have develop a social plugin for my theme and i want to add this functionality in that plugin that lets users shares blogs on different social media platforms like in the picture below: Social Media Shares Button Picture

and i need a little guidance in there. i have researched online and for example for Facebook they offer this feature in Facebook developers site like mentioned in this link. where you paste a URL of a page or blog in this site and they generate the code for social share button which you place in your website. now my strategy is to create a custom action hook in my theme and dynamically paste the data in that generated code in my plugin and hook all that in the custom hook i created in my theme. so is that the best strategy for a premium WordPress theme or is there a more professional way in doing this. can anybody guide me to an article or something or help me in guiding on how to do implement this feature in WordPress the right way? or is my way of doing this is right. Thank you

P.S also Facebook requires app id which i need to create using my own Facebook account in Facebook developers site for this feature to properly work so i don’t think this strategy of mine is right cause i am developing a commercial theme and i can’t just let everyone use an app id generated from my own Facebook account

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