smtp – Choose from different emails for different purposes


I use multiple email addresses on my domain for different purposes…

I run eshop on my site, and I’d like all order-based stuff to be sent from (currently set in SMTP and working good). BUT, I have also newsletter function there (that I’d like to be sent from, coupons upsales (that I’d like to be sent from, support stuff (that I’d like to be sent from, and all other WordPress-based stuff, like warnings, “logs”, etc. (that I’d like to be sent from, or it could even be also

Is there any way, how to set it up in WordPress? Or some function/plugin, which would allow me to choose, which email I want to send from? Because now, all emails are sent from (because I could choose only one account in SMTP)…

Thank you for help! 🙂

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