Show post in widget that is selected by checkbox in admin


I have made checkboxes to every post in post list.

I have made a widget that show posts.

Question 1:
How can I change the the position for the new column.
Now it`s at the right side of the post list. After “Date”.
How can I move it example before the title column ?

Question 2:
How can I change the text at the top of the column into an icon ?
Example a star or a thumbs up.
Like the “Comment” field. There is no text, just a icon.

Question 3:
I have said in the code that I want to show 2 post per page. It only show one with thumbnail image and title, and the second one with just a title.
But if I said I want 3 post per page it shows 2 with image and title, and the third with only title.
What did I do wrong ?

Question 4:
I want the widget that use the function terplugin_show to show posts that I marked with checkbox in the “Recommandations” column in the post list.
If I check a post for recommandation the post will show up in the front widget with featured image and title and date when it was posted.

The files for the plugin is here, if you would take a look.

Admin post list


Front of site

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