Show custom post type inside a custom post type


I am kind’a new to wordpress and i need some help.
I am building a website that contains articles. in each article page i want to show the writer details(image name and short description).
I have built a custom post type named ‘articles’, now I want to choose the writer details at the article post page lets say from a meta box…

I have also created other custom post type called ‘writers’ and there are all the writer details. now, my question is how do I get this done? how do I show the data from writers CPT in articles CPT?

I found this tutorial but it dosent seem to be what I need. I have installed the CPT-onomies plugin and now i see a meta box with a drop down that contains all the ‘witers’ CPT. how do i make the data appear in the article post front end?

Any tutorial or clue will be helpfull.

, DavSev 2 years 2019-12-28T19:28:57-05:00 0 Answers 159 views 0

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