Should my personal information site be developed in MERN Stack or WordPress and SQL?


I am hiring developers to redesign a site I have, it is personal not business ( , wix doesnt cut it for the site anymore. They gave me two options: ·

Option 1: MERN Stack(£6,240 +VAT)(Their recommendation) ·

Option 2: WordPress with MySQL(£2,808 +VAT)

Their reasons for recommending MERN are below, but its way out of my price range, can someone provide guidance on if WordPress will satisfy the below also?

  • Using MERN stack we can develop this system as a fully customized solution.
  • MERN stack will provide you flexibility to extend the functionality of the system in future.
  • The loading of the page will be much faster than any other PHP framework as it will be a single page application that avoid refreshing of the page to display content instead uses lightweight calls to the server to get data and update the web page.
  • It will be component based development.
  • Using MERN stack the system can be developed as a progressive web app (PWA) which can be installed in iPhone and Android devices.
  • Also, in future if you want us to develop a native mobile app (iOS and Android) then same web services can be used at the development time and hence you will save more time and cost.
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