shortcode – WP Bakery: how to insert dynamic url in Icon element URL (Link) box?


On my website I’ve a theme that uses WP Bakery. I’m now adding some Icons and I’m running into an issue with the URL (link) setting of the Icon element.

Is it possible to use some kind of a shortcode in this URL (link) setting?

For example, I want to make one of the icons a icon to logout but with a correct logout link (so including the wpnonce).

I’ve already tried a default WP shortcode but I reckon I need to address an WP Bakery function instead… but I can’t find the info about that.

Is there anyone who can help me?

In the past I’ve been creating dynamic URL for the WP menus where I used a construction like /%loginout%/ for the URL, and %loginout% for the label. Is something like this possible within WP Bakery elements?

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