shortcode – gutenberg widget outputting paragraph marks


I have created a shortcode to output a wp_Query. Nowhere in my query do I output any <p></p> paragraph marks. However the widget puts this before my output and after.

At first I thought maybe it was something in my code, but I created this sample version as an example:

function test_shortcode() {
    $testout="<div>hi there.</div>";
    return $testout;
add_shortcode ('show-test', 'test_shortcode');

I then output the shortcode in my footer widget. I’m using wordpress 5.9 and the widgets are now gutenberg. I’ve tried using the shortcode block and the widget block.


This is what I expect for an output:

<div>hi there.</div>

But this is what I receive:

<p></p><div>hi there.</div><p></p>

For completion sake, this is the FULL widget output:

<div class="footer-widget-2">
        <aside id="block-10" class="widget inner-padding widget_block"><p></p><div>Hi there.</div><p></p>

I’ve tried changing themes this still happens. Does anyone have any idea what is causing the extra paragraph marks before and after? More importantly how to stop them?

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