Shortcode do not return the right data in post


Trying to make a CD plug-in. But cant seem to get the data rows in the shortcode.. i know it cant echo in a shortcode, but how Can i get, lets say a top 10 CDs in a post with a shortcode?

hope someone Can help with this..

   Plugin Name: cd by dk
   Plugin URI:
   description: cd
   Version: 1.0.0
   Author: Rene
   Author URI:

// Create a new table
function cd_dk_table(){

  global $wpdb;
  $charset_collate = $wpdb->get_charset_collate();

  $tablename = $wpdb->prefix."cd_dk";

  $sql = "CREATE TABLE $tablename (
  id mediumint(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  artist varchar(80) NOT NULL,
  album varchar(80) NOT NULL,
  year mediumint(11) NOT NULL,

  ) $charset_collate;";

  require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php' );
  dbDelta( $sql );


register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'cd_dk_table' );

// Add menu
function cd_dk_menu() {

    add_menu_page("cd", "cd","manage_options", "cd_dk_myplugin", "cd_dk_displayList");
    add_submenu_page("cd_dk_myplugin","All cd", "All cd","manage_options", "cd_dk_allentries", "cd_dk_displayList");
    add_submenu_page("cd_dk_myplugin","Tilføj ny cd", "Add new cd","manage_options", "cd_dk_addnewentry", "cd_dk_addEntry");


add_action("admin_menu", "cd_dk_menu");

function cd_dk_displayList(){
  include "list.php";

function cd_dk_addEntry(){
  include "add.php";

 function cd_dk2($atts) {

global $wpdb;
$tablename = $wpdb->prefix."cd_dk";

$cdcontent1 = "<table><tr>

  // Select records
  $cd_dk_entriesList = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM ".$tablename." order by year desc");
  if(count($cd_dk_entriesList) > 0){
    $count = 1;
    foreach($cd_dk_entriesList as $entry){
      $id = $entry->id;
      $artist = $entry->navn;
      $album = $entry->station;
      $year = $entry->kontotal;

 $cdcontent2 = "<tr>

$cdcontent3 = "</table>";
return "$cdcontent1 $cdcontent2 $cdcontent3";


add_shortcode('cd_dk2', 'cd_dk2');

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