Ship from multiple locations and calculate shipping estimate in WooCommerce/WordPress


We are building some e-commerce functionality into our new website. We currently have about 5-10 different manufacturers, and about 25 products total from them. So, each customer order would travel from one of those manufacturer locations, to whatever address our customer inputs.

We are using a UPS live rates shipping calculator, which uses a single “store address” in WooCommerce to caluculate shiping (I am not tied to using UPS live rates or any other plugin). Our desired end result is to be able to automate our WP/WC setup such that when a product is purchased, the customer can see some kind of shipping estimate based on that product’s manufacturing location to wherever the customer is located.

After scouring Google, the only plugin which seemed to have this functionality built in is WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages ( However, after purchasing this plugin and communicating directly with it’s developer, it seems that the plugin likely won’t work for our use case.

Are there any plugins or methods used by others to achieve our desired end-result bolded above?

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