Sharing plugins between Custom Post Types


I’m currently working on a website that require to have multiple custom post types (I will use CPT from now on 😀 ).

Here is a bit of…


We own a blog that actually talks about different subjects: sports, plants, lifestyle, books, etc.
And we recruited a lot of redactors/journalists that are specialized on ONE of those subjects.

Depending on their speciality they have differents roles and permissions.

  • The role “Redactor-sports” will only see the CPT “sports”,
  • The role “Redactor-plants” will only see the CPT “plants”,
  • etc.

This make the administration less blotted for those users and it prevent errors in publishing articles in the wrong place.

This is it for the context. Now, this is my…


I have plugins that works well on WP native “Pages/Posts” and I would like to make them ALL work on my CPT.
For instance, SEO plugins such as YEOST works for my native pages, but don’t recognize any CPT.

I don’t have a fixed amount of CPT so I would and I would like the meta box of every plugins to appear for those.


Is there a way to override every active plugins or a list of specific one and to add their meta boxes to a list of CPT ?

Doing it manually seems to be time consuming and every updates will override those changes (right ?)

Thanks in advance, I hope that my issue is clear, I’ll answer every questions that you will be asking me.

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