Setting up Conditional Sales Tax in WooCommerce


I am trying to set up sales taxes paid on a product.
I want be able to charge zero VAT for a customer from the USA if they are buying for a company, but charge 20% VAT if they are buying as an individual.
Also I need to charge 20% VAT for any customer from the UK.
These are not physical products but courses delivered online.

I would like the software to fill this out automatically at checkout

I can set it up to charge VAT if select UK in checkout country drop down and not charge if from the US – but cannot work out how it would be automatically charged if they do not say they are buying on behalf of a company.

Any suggestions welcome – I bought a plugin ‘Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce’ but couldn’t see how to make this work contacted them and they said it couldn’t be done with this plugin 🙁

URL below is a dev site where I am trying to get this to work

thanks Pete Rossetti

The page I need help with:

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