Setting ACF for Category and for all subcategories


I’m building a website with multiple categories and subcategories, and some of those categories need some advance custom fields to work properly, and for them to have the necessary data i need to be filled.

The Problem

I’m trying to apply some advance custom fields, to all articles created with the category product or any of it’s subcategories.
ex: Main category “Product” or subcatgory “Bed”.
But since i have to create rules to the advance custom field (see image bellow)
enter image description here

I wanted to give the rules to the parent category , in this case “Products” and then make it apply to the all sub-categories.

The Problem

So, since i haven’t found a solution for the problem i thought that i could give the parent category and sub-category to the article i was creating, and then the article would have the advance custom fields. That part worked, but the url of the article is now different.

Instead of being:

It is now:

Is there anyway to create a rule to acf to apply the rules to all subcategories or is there any way to change the url ?

Thanks in advance !

, Pedro Ferreira 3 years 2020-03-30T04:51:12-05:00 0 Answers 113 views 0

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