Set up new WordPress domain using unclear files


I am assisting a development agency on a trial basis, and I was tasked with setting up a new WordPress site using files obtained from a different agency.

After setting up the installation and transferring across the files, I am having issues.

According to the agency who supplied the files, the following two sites are direct implementations of these files: Handout and SoccerShop.

The above sites appear to be static, and as I was not given any database backups even after asking if these files are correct, I am assuming they are static sites that do not use any posts/pages from a database.

Image of file structure:

File Structure

The default theme is a custom theme that closely resembles the above 2 webpages in it’s thumbnail, but when using it I get a simple WordPress blog that is using posts/pages from the database.

What I am most confused about is the ‘_handout’ folder in the above file structure. Inside, there are 3 .html files, and using only those 3 files along with the ‘css’ and ‘js’ folders accompanying them, I get the below page, which closely resembles the 2 example pages, but is completely static and not using the WordPress platform at all.

enter image description here

Anybody have any thoughts on this? I’m unsure if my knowledge of WordPress is too limited to wrap my head around this, or if this is some mix of WordPress/static that requires special knowledge to be able to implement.

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